Landfill Gas Projects

When waste on a landfill rots gas is produced. One ton of waste produces 150 - 250 m³ of gas over 25 - 30 years The gas is damaging the atmosphere; methan is 21 times more damaging to the ozon layer than CO2.  The gas therefore needs to be sucked from the land fill.

The gas is collected with a system of vetical wells and horizontal gas pipes; the gas is cleaned and is burned in a gas engine; thereby power is produced.

Mobilny Gaz finances, builds and runs such gas collection and power producing systems.

At the moment Mobilny Gaz develops the following projects:

Landfill Capacity el
Starogard 600
Tczew 600
Skierniewice 400
Ostrow Wielkopolski 400


Other gas projects

Mobilny Gaz is working on other "waste to gas / power" projects

The two areas of particular interest are :

  • Biogas from waste
  • Gas from sludge

Furthermore, Mobilny Gaz is working on several landfill gas projects in Ukraine